Excellence in design and function

For us, the perfect solution is not only a promise, but rather the result of careful, precise and dedicated work. From our experience we know how important it is to provide a full range of products and services from the tailor-made production to the individual technical support by our experts.

Rubber-Metal Technology

NVH Car Chassis

BOGE Rubber & Plastics is the world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic damping chassis suspension mounts. Our high-quality and long-life chassis mounts reduce vibration that can occur during cornering, braking maneuvers or on rough roads. These components have to meet rigorous vibration damping and noise insulation standards for each type of vehicle and play a key role in improving ride safety and stability as well as vehicle dynamics and comfort.

Rubber-Metal Technology

NVH Powertrain and Commercial Vehicles

Our engine and transmission mounts prevent road noise and vibration from entering the passenger compartment via the drivetrain, thus improving acoustic performance and driving comfort. Switchable or active engine mounts assist in fuel savings, particularily when implemented with a downsized engine, cylinder cutoff or start-stop function. At the same time, due to the increasing use of lightweight materials, vehicle weight and in turn fuel consumption are reduced.

Our product portfolio also includes Fiber-reinforced rubber-elastic coupling for a wide range of applications. In ships, railways, combined heat and power plants, engine / transmission connections and wind turbines, these highly effective elastomeric components play a key role in decoupling drives from impact loads, vibration and resonance.

Lightweight Construction


With more than 45 years of experience in plastics technology, we are experts in lightweight constructions. Our best-in-class thermoplastic precision components and modules clearly demonstrate that conventional materials can be substituted by alternatives. The advantages are clear: reduced cost, lower weight and maximum reliability. We also apply our expertise to the development of lightweight components such as airbag housings. This is how we contribute to vehicle- and road safety.